Fresh Produce and Dried Goods

Fresh Fruit

  • A large selection of fresh fruit is available every day.

    You can rely on us to choose the best produce for you.

    Please call for more details on exactly what fruit we have available.

Fresh Salads

  • We stock a full range of fresh salads including:

    Washed Baby Leaf RocketSpinachChardWatercressLollo RossaLollo BiondiRadicioCos

    All fresh every morning!

Fresh Herbs

  • We have a full range of fresh herbs available every day.

    In addition, we stock: •Micro CressMicro HerbsPeashootsSakura Cress

Fresh Vegetables

  • We aim to buy the freshest possible vegetables daily.

    However, market prices can change overnight but we will always inform you if certain items get too expensive, and if possible recommend a suitable alternative.

Fresh Fish

  • We visit the Fish Market 6 Days a Week.

    Freshly prepared fishFrozen fishMany other game and seafood delicacies

    Fresh fish is available 6 days a week.

Dairy Products

  • Fresh and locally supplied:

    MilkCreamEggsButterYoghurtCheeses from across Europe

    Speciality cheeses like •Cranberry and WensleydaleSmoked CheddarStiltonBrieGoats Cheese, all available overnight.

Morning Goods

  • Locally sourced Bread, direct from the supplier, including:

    Fresh BreadsFrozen BreadsTeacakes, CrumpetsSpeciality breads on request

    All made fresh each morning.

Speciality Produce

  • We can supply within 24hrs a wide selection of rare products (depending on availability) such as:

    Baby VegSpecialist MushroomsExotic products from around the globe

    Please call for availability.

Dried Goods

  • We offer a massive range of •Dried GoodsSpeciality PastasHerbs and SpicesOilsKitchen Sundries.

Frozen Goods

  • We have a range of Frozen Foods available, including: •Frozen PeasFrozen Ciabatta and PaniniFrozen FruitsFrozen ChipsFrozen Desserts

Freshly Prepared Vegetables and Fruit

  • We are able to prepare vegetables and fruits to any specification that you require.

    This includes • Hand Cut ChipsFondant PotatoesFresh Fruit SaladsTurned VegetablesSliced and Diced Vegetables

    We deliver excellent quality produce throughout South Manchester and Cheshire 6 days a week.